HTML Handwritten Notes


Perfect for beginners and aspiring developers, this comprehensive guide covers everything from the basics of HTML to advanced techniques.

In this PDF we can learn about, document structure, formatting text and styles, creating hyperlinks, working with images and multimedia, building tables, mastering forms, and diving into HTML5's semantic elements.

The plus points of these notes are, lot of coding example along with beautiful diagrams, so that the concepts are well understood.

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  • Clear and Neat HandWriting
  • Easiest Explanation with Beautiful Diagrams
  • Best for Freshers and Experienced
  • No AI Generated Content


Course Curriculum will be displayed here.
Introduction to HTML

  • What is HTML
  • History and evaluation of HTML
  • Structure of a HTML document
  • Basic HTML Tags

HTML Document structure

  • HTML Doc type Declaration
  • HTML Head section
  • HTML Body section
  • Meta Tags
Text Formatting And styles
  • Headings and Paragraphs
  • Text formatting tags
  • HTML Lists
  • Adding Special characters
Hyperlinks and Anchors
  • Creating Hyperlinks
  • HTML Linking to external web page websites
  • HTML linking to internal section of a web page 
  • Linking to email address
Images and Multimedia
  • Inserting images in HTML
  • Images formats and optimization
  • Adding alternative text
  • Embedding videos and audio files
Tables in HTML
  • Creating tables in HTML
  • Tables structure
  • Table headers and captions
  • Merging cells and Spanning rows/columns
Forms and Input elements     
  • Form structure and attributes
  • Text input fields
  • Multiline text fields
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Dropdown menus  and selection lists
  • Submitting forms and forms validation
HTML 5 Semantic Elements
  • Introduction to Semantic Markup
  • Header, nav and footer element
  • Section, Article and aide element
  • Figure and Fig-caption element
HTML 5 New Input Elements 
  • New Input type attributes
  • Example

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